The Benefit of a Lifetime™

Against the Wind

Happy New Year 2022 !!! Is this the year we transition from pandemic to endemic..? Let’s hope so, otherwise the fatigue all things Covid-19-related will

New Administration: Same Old, Same Old

What to look for in 2021 and not necessarily in this order: Rising Interest Rates, More ‘Stimulus’ Spending, Stock Buybacks en Masse, and a sleeper pick for 2022, Higher Capital Gain Rates.

Now Playing ‘Black Swan’

For some time, in our client meetings, you have heard me express my amazement and the ease of which equity markets were basically going straight

Speaker Pelosi, Again…?!?

Commentary Happy New Year !!! Hard to believe we are closing in on the end of the decade (730 days and counting), but as 2018

One and Done

Commentary Happy New and Leap Year !!! Just like the way Olympics of old were staged, every 4 years apart. Have any grand plans for

Global Diet

Commentary Happy New Year !!! A most sincere 2015 welcome and ‘All My Best’ to clients. You have made NEAM and my life’s work in

The Heat Is On

Commentary Given the late Summer temperatures outside, this is a classic ‘Duh’. But anytime I hear this phrase, I immediately think of Glenn Frey’s 1980’s

The Margin Games

Commentary Although you may have not seen ‘The Hunger Games’, you have probably heard of the movie and soon HG 2 will be showing at

QE Perpetuity

Commentary As expected, the Federal Reserve embarked on QE3, or in plain English, buying bonds to force interest rates down even further into the future

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