Blue Collar Experience, White Collar Wisdom

Growing up as a second-generation American of Polish extraction and son of blue-collar parents, Greg Zandlo and Northeast Minneapolis, a melting pot of ethnicities where he grew up, were made for each other. Way before it was fashionable, Greg became immersed in a diverse society that included countless European and Middle East friends that naturally assimilated through one common bond: Hard Work. Since money was not a status symbol, however, education was. Being able to focus, excel, and benefit from 16 years of a parochial education, Greg emerged in 1983 from the College of St. Thomas with a double major (Finance & Marketing), but with no practical experience. 

Plunging into the business world was an eye-opening and fulfilling endeavor, until October 18, 1985, when an unexpected “downsizing” occurred. Nonetheless, the foundation to the future was laid because Greg discovered financial planning, which offered a combination of analyzing multiple facets of one’s unique financial situation, constantly interfacing with clients on a regular basis, resulting in an improved financial life. Or, ‘Providing an Intangible Service that Produces Tangible Results.’

Founding North East Asset Management in 1987, obtaining the prestigious Certified Financial Planner® professional designation in 1992, while serving on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Society of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners from 1992-1999, gave Greg the vision to create the MN-ICFP’s Financial Symposium in 1998, which today, attracts hundreds of financial professionals, all while starting and raising a family, by far, his greatest accomplishment. 

For nearly 35 years, Greg and North East Asset Management have refined the process of delivering tangible financial results to clients, helping leverage their time in order to enjoy what’s most important to them. Guidance and advice through several business cycles, technological revolutions, and whatever the future may hold. It doesn’t take a village, but through Education, Knowledge, and Experience, Wisdom is gained and therefore passed on. Quite simply, The American Dream personified. 



A Certified Financial Planner professional has mastered advanced education and training to assist individuals in developing retirement and financial plans. To be licensed as a CFP professional, a licensee has passed the very challenging CFP Board exam and is required to stay current with multiple Federal and State regulations, in addition to Continuing Education regulations, in addition to Continuing Education requirements needed to keep the certification current.

A comprehensive financial plan is a guided investment to achieving your financial goals. A well-designed comprehensive financial plan covers every aspect of your financial life. The primary areas of focus include Risk Management, Investments, Income Taxes, Retirement and Estate Planning, in addition to secondary areas such as cash flow analysis, short and long term goals, etc., just to name a few. 

Although it is important to review your comprehensive financial plan at least annually, you will meet with your North East Asset Management CFP professional on a quarterly basis, in order to stay on top of your financial situation, in addition to any life changing events, such as marriage/divorce, childbirth, career change, widowhood, etc.

Our comprehensive financial planning services are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. Since every client is different, thus every comprehensive financial plan and relationship is tailored specifically to focus on the primary goal of increasing your Net Worth.

Our ‘Blue Collar Experience, White Collar Wisdom’ mantra is at the heart of combining over 30 years of education, knowledge, experience, and wisdom, leveraged to your advantage. There is no substitute for a CFP professional that works with your best interest in mind and is a trusted fiduciary.

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